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'Affordable Data Recovery'

Data Recovery Plymouth

Data Recovery

has your computer help line told you to do a restore and now you've lost everything? Windows not loading? Laptop going away for repair? Laptop or PC won’t switch on. Accidently deleted my files! Formatted the drive.

These are just a few of the reasons giving for a data recovery. In most cases we can recover lost, deleted data from your hard drive or usb memory stick or camera memory card, SD, XD, MMS, Memory Stick, Micro SD and compactflash.

Please note that sometimes depending on the amount of data it is not practical to offer this service in home as a large data recovery can take six hours plus. We also suggest that you supply a backup drive to take the data we recover.


Data Transfer

Bought a new PC or Mac and want to transfer all the data on your old PC or Mac to the new one? That can be safely done by us. Want to chuck or sell your old PC or Mac? We provide a data cleanse service. We also provide a data recovery service and we can also back up all your current data so you'll never lose those important files of those precious family photos or important emails in outlook.

We have also added enhanced support to data transfer your PC to Mac, this includes Outlook.

Data Backup

Backing up your data is the most important thing you can do, we often get called out when it's too late. Home & Business PC Medics can help setup, advise on the best way forward to backup your data. In many cases we can make it an automatic process so you don't even need to remember.

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