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'Make My PC Go Faster'

Help My PC Is So Slow

"So Slow I'm Fed up"

Over time the performance and speed of computers deteriorate due to various Registry Errors, Unnecessary Ran Programs, Disk Space and your RAM speed. You will notice that over time it takes much longer to open simple programs which took only a few seconds to open before. A lot of times your computer just freezes and the only option is to restart – a process that can take up to 10 minutes a lot of times.

You might think your only solution is to either purchase a new computer this can be very costly and can be a real hassle. Fortunately with Plymouth Home and Business PC Medics you can not only increase the speed of your PC but also optimise its overall performance.

Slow Computer

A slow computer can be caused many things, why not let us take a look and advise how we can help. You will be surprised how inexpensive and how much quicker we can make your computer run.

Let a Real Technician Service Your PC

There are many software products on the internet that claim to make your PC faster. In some cases these programs can make a slight difference in many they can actually generate issues. If you would prefer a real technician to take a look then give Plymouth PC Medics a call.

If you find your PC is slower at handling everyday tasks it may be because over time, computers get cluttered with unnecessary files that need Plymouth Home and Business PC Medics service. A slow PC can also be because your software or hardware is outdated, but there are certain steps you can take to improve performance. We can give your slow PC a speed boost and also to keep your computer free of clutter.

Causes of a slow PC

There are many possible causes of a slow PC. Because your computer is constantly working with files - moving, copying and deleting from place to place - it will eventually get cluttered with leftover files, some of which are not needed and just take up valuable disk space. You only have a certain amount of disk space available on your hard disk, and as it fills up the computer can begin to struggle to find room to perform its tasks.

If your PC crashes or freezes up, it may be a symptom of a slow or cluttered PC.

The brain of your computer is the Processor (CPU), and it may be that your processor is too slow to run today's demanding software. The processor can also struggle if you have multiple programs running at once - for example, if you have Word open to compose a letter while downloading a file from the Internet and also playing a song through your media player.

RAM is the temporary memory the computer uses to do its calculations. If you do not have enough RAM, your programs will run slowly.

Other components of your PC can contribute to poor performance, particularly your Graphics Card when it comes to running media and games software. Some hardware needs special programs called Drivers and these need to be kept up to date.

You may also have programs running in the background using up memory that you are unaware of, and in some cases, the problem may be a malicious program such as a virus or spyware.

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